Monkey N Around, LLC



Hours: Monday 10 am- 2 pm
Tuesday – Friday
10 am - 6 pm

                            Saturday 10 am - 1 pm (no open play on Saturdays)


·        Open play is $ 3.00 each for children over 1. Parents are free.

·        Our private parties on Saturday’s and Sunday’s are $ 185.00 - $ 225.00 (if we do everything included below). 
If you Do the party yourself is $100 for 10 kids or less and $125 for over 10 kids


All Parties include: (for 20 children including birthday child/children)

·        1 ½ hours of play , ½ hour in private party room

·        3 large pizzas (cheese or pepperoni), Juice box for each child, punch for parents and other guests and Party supplies (plates, napkins, forks, etc.)

·        Free pass for birthday child to come back and play later 
v     You can also purchase-   extra pizza for $ 8.00 each, ice cream cups for .50 each


Consignment Store: infant – teen including maternity, furniture, toys, etc.

·        Call or come by to get a number and label you items with index cards

·        Receive 65% of your sales each month minus a $ 5.00 facility fee. Receive a check monthly.

·        You may add clothes at any time 
·        We rent booths for your home made items (bows, wipe covers, flip flops, etc.)

·        We will accept Spring and Summer clothes from April-September and Fall and Winter from September-April. We will still have our large sale –“Re-runs 4 Wee-ones”- in April and September of each year.

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